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Camping is one of the most popular today. Citizens tend to leave town for the weekend to get closer to nature and relax. Out of the city you can feel ease and freedom, enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Camping holidays in

Camping holidays in

A large number of people prefer to travel by car because it is convenient and accessible, which is why the campsites in Russia, are getting every day more and more fans. Tent camping is a modern view of the camp for tourists in cars, relevant in the warmer months. Camping’s with places for tents are usually also equipped with small lodges and Parking. Typically the campgrounds are located near major cities and attractions.

Campsites in St. Petersburg: the wealth of diversity

St. Petersburg as the cultural capital of Russia, meets annually millions of tourists from all over the world and, of course, the city did not escape the attention of fans of outdoor recreation. Campsites SPb are located in scenic areas, like park ensembles, demonstrating the luxury and refined taste of the aristocracy of former ages and unique natural objects (the Gulf coast, lowland rivers, gorges and waterfalls), and even military-historical objects that represent the history of wars from the Neva battle to the World War II. Tourists will also be able to find places of interest: fishing, hunting, etc.

Camping in the St. Petersburg region

Camping in the St. Petersburg regionTourists from all corners of Russia, like the rest in the suburbs of St. Petersburg for the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and swimming in the lakes. That’s why camping’s in Saint-Petersburg region in the spring full of cheerful companies and families with children. Encampments appreciated by tourists for its low cost and excellent location.
Taking rest in the campsites of the St. Petersburg region, you can spend time with nature in the company of friends, with family or with a loved one. You can make fire to cook something delicious and after a heavy dinner, sing around the campfire and admire the starry sky. Late at night, when other’s gone to their tents, you can swim in the cool river water once again, enjoying its smoothness and watching the millions of stars in the sky.

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