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Campers and caravans

Автодом кемпингIn a camping there are all conditions for comfortable and safe placement of camper and caravans. The big well-planned platform with rather hard coating gives the chance to put heavy cars in any weather. There will never be pools and dirt under wheels. 

Big grass meadows, pure paths, beautiful ancient constructions, the grazed horses and geese – all this creates the atmosphere of rest and pleasure.

You can make a barbecue on special platforms, take a walk under the moon, go to a beach or drive to the city. Your car will always be under supervision of video cameras and security services.

The territory of a camping is closed for the night, but our guests can drive and leave at any convenient time.

You will find everything you need:

  • The closed territory
  • Convenient toilets
  • Comfortable warm shower with hot water
  • Electricity (220V)
  • Points of pure replenishment
  • Points plum of dirty water and dry closet
  • Round-the-clock protection
  • Zone WiFi
  • Playgrounds
  • Restaurant, cafe, booth
  • Lake with the beach
  • Sports grounds, football field, bicycle paths.

 The cost. 

The cost of camping is determined by adding the base rate, personal payment and the cost of electricity (if needed). Payment is accepted in rubles or euro, on site upon your arrival.



15.05.18 -


11.06.18 -


10.07.18 -


16.07.18 -


26.08.18 -


Camper or caravan

1100  1300  1500  1300  1100 
Adult   250 350  350  350  250 
Children from 3 to 14 y.o.    150  150  150  150  150 
Children under 3 y.o.  Free  Free Free Free Free
Pets Free Free Free Free Free

Electricity 24 hours

250 250 250 250 250
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