• Krasnoe Selo - Tuutari Park
  • Karelia - Yalgora


Кемпинг Петродворец Кемпинг Пушкин Кемпинг Псков
Camping Tuutari is the best solution for travelers, who drives to visit Saint-Petersburg, alone or with a large friendly company. Untouched nature, fresh, clean air, secure parking for cars, you will find everything you need. A comfortable practical choice will be camping in the vicinity of the city of Pushkin, famous for its history and Catherine Palace. Perfectly equipped camp is distinguished by the possibility of convenient self-service, in accordance with the requirements of vacationers. Camping Yalgora convenient for those who are interested in the nature of Karelia, and for those who hold the way to Murmansk or to the Kola Peninsula. You will find enough professionally prepared place to stay, setting up tents. Car owners will be able to leave their vehicles outdoors, in a comfortable place.


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