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A trip out of town is the perfect opportunity to relax, get some fresh air and recharge. Thus, spending time in nature can be different. It all depends on the preferences of those who decided to efficiently use your vacation or weekend.
There are two main options for fun:
Barbecues Camping

  • barbecue picnic under the quiet rustle of leaves and cheerful birdsong
  • active, implying Biking on forest trails, a variety of outdoor games and other such events

In any case, the holiday gives people a lot of pleasure and helps to forget about the problems of everyday life. Moreover, such actions allows you not only to enjoy the beauty of the world, but also to feel the oneness with mother nature.

There are several way’s to organize such vacation, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • stay in the cottage makes it possible to use all the existing benefits of civilization without worrying about the weather conditions and other environmental factors
  • trek overnight in tent involves a complete fusion with nature. While virtually nothing reminds of the bustle of the city. Because of this, you can relax and not think about tomorrow

There is a third option - camping.
This method incorporates the advantages of the previous two and allows you to use the maximum quality vacation. We offer to the residents of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg region to the advantage of camping on sufficiently favorable terms. All relevant information can be found on the official resource of our company.

Full vacation in the St. Petersburg region

Vacation in the St. Petersburg region is a great opportunity to visit amazing places, amazing natural beauty and uniqueness. You just need to rent a campsite, hosted from tents, special trailers or small summer houses. Are these camps in protected areas, which ensures complete safety of the campers.

Camping (SPb) associated with the operation of the campground, includes the following privileges:

  • special Parking area for vehicles
  • sources of drinking water
  • bathing and toilets
  • space for cooking and eating
  • rental of all kinds of home appliances

Along with this, a similar way to spend a holiday or a weekend has many other advantages. Chief among these advantages are clean air, gentle and friendly sun and the peaceful silence, diluted pleasant sounds of nature.

The benefits of countryside recreation

Vacation in the St. Petersburg region is incomparable landscapes that fascinate the soul in its splendor. After spending all day in these amazing places, I would like to visit here again. Realizing this possibility, it is necessary to worry about renting camping. This will allow you to spend time with maximum pleasure.

The advantages of this kind of tourism in St. Petersburg in summer are as follows:

      The opportunity to take a sufficient amount of necessary things. Often, such a burden takes a lot of space in the car. In addition, the event can trigger the hire of additional transport.


    Camping implies a special trailer, through which the delivery of even the most bulky Luggage. This service is very convenient and allows you to create optimal conditions for a good rest.
  1. Comfortable accommodation. Specialized trailers equipped with everything that is required for the normal life in the lap of nature. As a result, tourists get a compact housing with a bathtub, a toilet, a stove for cooking, sleeping places and a device for the storage of food. In this case, the specified transporting device moves freely along with the car. This increases the efficiency of such activity.
    The popularity of the rest of the city (St. Petersburg) with the operation of camping growing fast enough. This is due to the wide possibilities of this method and the sea of positive impressions that remain after the holidays.
  2. The undeniable advantage of camping is the efficiency. Tent tourism requires huge financial and labor costs associated with the acquisition and subsequent installation of the relevant equipment. The subject method of oneness with nature excludes the specified need. In this case, the money is spent only on food and fuel for the car.


CampingIn addition, significantly reduces the consumption of time. Installation of tents - a fairly lengthy process. Operation of the trailer does not provide for such manipulations. Therefore, having parked the vehicle in the right place, you can relax and devote themselves to more pleasant matters.

Besides all mentioned, it may be necessary for some time to leave the camp. In this situation, the trailer ensures the safety and security of things that will remain unattended. However, summer vacation (SPb) through the campground provides full integrity of personal space. The trailer is locked from the inside, eliminating the risk that unauthorized individuals tranquility vacationers.


A trip out of town and stay in the campground is convenient and profitable event, characterized by the following circumstances:

  • save money and time
  • comfortable accommodation in conditions far from civilization
  • watch new, amazing places and get a lot of positive impressions

We will provide each customer with a quality vacation that includes all the amenities and privileges. For this you just have to book our services by booking camping.

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