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Please take notice of the following rules before applying for invitation Additional information for customers who fill out request 

1. Your passport must be valid more than at least 6 months from the end date of this requested invitation
2. Applying for the invitation you order a single(once) or double(twice) entry visa, both limited to a period of 30 days
3. When, during this period, you require to leave Russia and return, the invitation needs to specify date of exit and re-entry
4. The invitation is valid for 6 months, including the requested visa period 5. The request for the voucher can be made in English only 6. Name and surname must be exact equal as written in your passport
7. Specify accurate dates for your visit with a margin of time
8. “Contact information” is your contact who can be addressed at emergency issues
9. Applying for visa at the Russian Embassy in Paris, necessarily specify fax-number , where we will send you an invitation then (the requirement of the Paris Embassy)
10. Complete this form and your payment (Russian Rubels 750, about € 11,00). You will receive the invitation voucher within 1 upto 24 hours at the specified email address
11. Making the payment through payment system ASSIST, please send us by email your confirmation of payment. This will shorten the processing time drastically
Are you longer than 7 days in one place ?
Under Russian law, tourists coming into the country must be registered at the place of residence.
When you will stay for more than 7 days at our campings, please inform us in advance. We can supply you with necessary documents.

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