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База отдыха кемпингThe touristic base is the best option for a family holiday. Often we need a good rest from the endless working days, full of bustle. A good rest is needed for recovery, both moral and physical. It can be compared with the inhalation of clean air to the crystal clear spring. The rest should be fresh, crisp, calm but at the same time saturated with adrenaline and positive moments. You can relax on a good touristic base or campsite. The base includes all the nuances of accommodation: bed, food and parking. Camping also gives space for tents, parking. More romantic and cheap to relax at the campsite.

Saint Petersburg’s touristic bases is a great way to spend a weekend inexpensive

Campings SPB provides the necessary conditions for rest. Our touristic base gives the perfect setting for total immersion in the atmosphere of peace and harmony, make’s you forget about the problems at work and in the family circle.

Touristic bases in Saint Petersburg is ideally located in the beautiful places of wild nature, they are close to historical sites and ancient towns with many stories and legends. The bases are built taking into account the individual wishes of any client, focused on recreation, provide for an opportunity to be alone with yourself or with nature or violently to spend a weekend in a close circle of relatives and friends.

Touristic base Saint Petersburg provides an excellent opportunity to bring together all members of the family near the best remote places of nature, uniting them and making them closer.

Семейный отдыхThe rest out of the city includes many benefits:

  • comfortable rooms in a hotel or a small cozy cabins
  • passively spending your time outside the city, enjoying the beauty of nature, or actively participate in the activities developed in the tourist base
  • fresh air and the beauty of nature offer the peace and tranquility
  • don’t worry about the food : the base is equipped with a set of small cafes and restaurants, the rich variety of cuisine (Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian folk)

Touristic bases of Saint-Petesburg provide an opportunity to rest not only on the weekends, but spend more time: a week or a month. Active rest is usually preferred by office workers who need a physical jolt. People with heavy physical work choose passive recreation. They want to relax mentally. Active recreation includes horseback riding lesson, a massive dip in the local pond, outdoor play (Polo, Rugby, basketball, paintball, mountain Hiking and climbing).

Passive recreation includes a quiet and peaceful fishing, excursions to historical places (for example, a visit to Peterhof), chess, checkers and billiards. Beautiful plantings in parks help to relax in a calm atmosphere, to find a complete harmony with nature.

Кемпинг турбазаThe base in Pushkin is made sure to stay with the children. You can find a small zoo, playgrounds for volleyball or soccer, and horse riding lessons.

Турбазы Ленобласти доступны каждому, заоблачных цен здесь не встретишь. Турбазы в Ленобласти предоставляют туристам качественный отдых, дают возможность многим корпоративным служащим проводить обучающие персонал коучинги, тренинги, семинары. Турбазы в Ленобласти недорого позволяют провести выходные, проживание и питание входят в стоимость путевки на одного человека.

Бронировать номера в гостиницах при турбазе можно заранее, также предварительная запись осуществляется на специализированные занятия йогой, на уроки по избавлению от стресса. Не желая тратить лишние деньги, лучше всего арендовать места в кемпинге. Можно сэкономить вдвое больше, если предпочесть такой, более экстремальный вид отдыха. Кемпинг не только дает места для палаток, но и небольшие уютные домики, оснащенные всеми удобствами - душем, туалетом, электричеством.

Добро пожаловать к нам в турбазу, где есть все удобства и все включено! 

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