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Rent country house or camping?

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  • Rent country house or camping?

Shuvalovka campingCamping is very interesting, but have been little studied in our country, the kind of leisure activity. You can of course execute the contract, and then rent a country house will allow you to spend the summer vacation in the fresh air. But don't you want to try something new and unusual? Fill your life with new emotions and impressions?

Attractive camping

tent campingWhy is It still so little known about camping in Russia? It’s just because in Soviet times, they are almost not there, and, therefore, it is impossible to pay this ticket. It was easier to place through the Union ticket in a rest home or country to find a home to rent. And today, campgrounds travel agents do not pay a Commission, so here and now, not so easy to find the ticket, which would give the opportunity to obtain the rest.

What is camping? What is a country house with bath, the rent of which will cost you dearly, differs from the campsite? Camping is a camp, which is located in beautiful places under the open sky. This can be a picturesque lake or a beautiful edge of the forest. This holiday can be arranged specially for motorists, which will include:

  • Parking;
  • summer houses;
  • tent sites;
  • and be sure the toilet.

Hotel Shuvalovka campingAlso for the comfort of tourists camping can be equipped with:

  • shops and cafes;
  • car washes and service;
  • bath or sauna;
  • children's room;
  • living room with TV and Ironing.

Are you sure that if you rent country house you can find such infrastructure? And also camping can be equipped with a barbecue where you can cook for yourself and your friends the meat or vegetables, fish, sausages on the grill.

The cost of camping

Luxury hotel Shuvalovka campingYou won't believe, but camping as hotels, has "stars". The price and the comfort of living depends on the number of stars. Of course, the cheapest vacation is to pay for the tent. This holiday will cost even cheaper than rent country house in a day, as payment for the camping season will cost between 10-15€. If you like road trips, it's the best and cheap holidays. You need just to bring your tent, air mattress and linen.

НBut if you want to have a more comfortable living conditions, then you should rent a summer house, the price of which will already be from 20€. So, if you are not interested in rent a country house for the summer, and you'd like to try something new and interesting, then you can go to our website to pick up a suitable campsite.

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